Your deposit payment obligates you to complete your transaction. A minimum 50% deposit is required on all special order garments and for all in-stock merchandise. There is a $10.00 layaway fee. A minimum of once-monthly payments is required on all items not paid for in full at the time of purchase. If payments are not received in a timely manner, you risk forfeiture of your item. Payment in full must be received within three (3) months of the date of purchase, unless other arrangements are mutually agrees upon. 


Most of the merchandise at Dazzle Boutique is bought for a special occasion; therefore we will not accept returns. However, if you have a change of heart on your dress or gown only, you may exchange it, within 7 calendar days, for another in-stock dress of at least equal value. if you do not find a gown or dress to exchange it for, any remaining balance can be held as a store credit to be applied toward a future dress or gown.


Should you no longer want or need your gown or dress you can forfeit it. If you choose to forfeit your dress or gown you do not need to pick it up or pay the remaining balance. However, Dazzle Boutique will retain any and all deposits and payments made on your gown or dress and it will then become the property of Dazzle Boutique, and you will no longer be obligated to the gown or dress. You will not receive any type of refund, reimbursement or store credit. 

If you have a dress or gown on layaway and have not made any payments on it for three (3) consecutive months (without making prior agreed upon arrangements), your gown or dress will be considered forfeited. 


Review your sizing and measurements carefully with your consult. Ultimately, while we will provide you with the most information we can, the size that is ordered is your choice. Special order items (including shoes) cannot be returned or refunded due to sizing issues. You should expect your gown or dress to need some type of alteration for it to fit perfectly. Dazzle Boutique does not provide in-house alteration services and alteration prices are not included in the purchase price of the gown or dress. Dazzle boutique is not responsible for sizing discrepancies due to weight or height fluctuations (if body measurements differ from those taken when the gown or dress was ordered, e.g., changes in body weight, undergarments, shoes, accessories, etc.)